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Graduate Program in Statistics

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The Statistics Faculty of the Department of Mathematics and Statistics at the University of South Florida currently consists of 4 members. There are more than 20 students seeking graduate degrees in statistics; the department supports approximately 15 of these students with Graduate Teaching Assistantships.

Research interests of the Faculty include: Applied Statistics, Branching Processes, and Stochastic Modeling.

Students who are interested in applying to USF's Statistics Graduate Program should consult the information found at How to Apply.

The Statistics Graduate Admissions Director is Dr. Ladde.

The Academic Program Specialist is Mary Parrish.

Teaching Seminar: During the fall and spring semesters, the department runs a teaching seminar for new graduate teaching assistants (TAs). Each incoming TA is expected to participate in this seminar. It consists of discussions of teaching methods for college-level math and statistics courses, observations of classes taught by faculty members and fellow TAs, and presentations of a short lecture by the seminar participants.

Teaching Awards: Several Statistics TAs have been nominated for the university-wide Provost's Award for Outstanding Teaching by a Graduate Teaching Assistant.

Past recipients of this award are:
2007: George Kimber (Provost's Commendation)
2006: Gokarna Aryal (Certificate of Recognition)
2005: Louis Camara (Provost's Commendation)

Job Search Seminar: During the fall semester, the department offers a job search seminar to advise graduating students on how to apply for jobs, both in academia and industry. The student's graduate advisor will also generally provide career advice. Other sources of information for job-seekers can be found at Job Advice and at American Mathematical Society.